Hello to you, in this blog post I’m going to explain to you what you can expect in the capital, so here we go! 

Living in Tallinn during an internship abroad is an incredibly rewarding experience. Estonia’s capital offers a unique blend of history, culture and technological innovation, making it an attractive destination for students and professionals from all over the world. But be careful not to get distracted by the activities and entertainment the city has to offer; you must always be mindful of the work you have to do and the obligations you have to fulfil.

The warm welcome I received from Estonians was one of the most striking aspects of my experience in Tallinn. Estonians are friendly, open-minded and very welcoming to foreigners. I was pleasantly surprised by their high level of English, which made it easier to communicate and interact on a daily basis.

Tallinn, the capital on a human scale 

With its 430,000 inhabitants, the city of Tallinn concentrates most of its activity in its historic centre. Tallinn is a city where there’s never a dull moment. It’s packed with activities and historic monuments, so you’ll never be bored! The capital is situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea, a strategic location for your work placement, as you’ll be able to get around via the many ferry lines. In less than two hours by ferry and for less than forty euros, you can reach Russia or even Finland. If you get seasick, you can opt for the bus and its direct lines to Lithuania and Latvia and its capital Riga. Tallinn is a fascinating city with a rich history. Its medieval city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a real gem. The cobbled streets, historic buildings and medieval towers create a charming atmosphere that transports you back in time. You can wander through the narrow streets, visit the majestic Alexander Nevski Cathedral and admire the magnificent views from the observation platform at Toompea Castle.

A very dynamic city

In addition to its historical heritage, Tallinn is also a very dynamic city in terms of culture. You can attend concerts, plays and art exhibitions in the city’s many cultural venues. The Tallinn Classical Music Festival and the Old Town Jazz Festival are major events that attract internationally renowned artists. Another remarkable feature of Tallinn is its technological and innovative atmosphere. Estonia is often regarded as one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world. Tallinn is home to many start-ups and technology companies, making it an ideal place for people interested in the technology and innovation sector. You can take part in technology-related conferences and events, broadening your knowledge and professional network.

Quality of life

The quality of life in Tallinn is also very pleasant. The city offers a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and bars, where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine as well as international dishes. Estonians are known for their love of coffee, and I quickly adopted this tradition by enjoying a good cup of coffee in one of the city’s many cosy cafés. In practical terms, Tallinn offers an excellent quality of life. The city is clean, well-maintained and safe, making it easy to get around with complete peace of mind. Public transport systems are efficient, with regular trams, buses and trains serving the city and surrounding area. You can also enjoy cycling thanks to the many cycle paths.

Estonian cuisine

Estonian cuisine is a culinary treasure trove, combining unique flavours with high-quality local ingredients. Estonian gastronomy is marked by the influence of the seasons and Nordic culinary traditions, making it an authentic and diverse taste experience. The cuisine is also worth mentioning. Traditional Estonian dishes are tasty and varied. You can enjoy dishes such as pork stew, smoked fish and pastries made with local berries. What’s more, there are many international restaurants in Tallinn, offering cuisine from all over the world to suit all tastes. There’s obviously some very good stuff, but you can’t compare it to French cuisine, let alone our Italian cousins – I don’t think there’s any better cuisine than Italian.

A little humor is necessary

Outside of work, Tallinn and the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunities for exploration and entertainment. The Baltic coast is close by, so you can enjoy beaches and water sports during the summer months. You can also visit the many islands surrounding Tallinn, such as the island of Saaremaa, which offers superb natural scenery.Tallinn is also well located for travel within Europe. The city has an international airport with flights to many destinations in Europe and around the world. You can easily plan weekend getaways to explore other neighbouring countries such as Finland, Sweden and Latvia. But you have to be very careful – it’s hard to keep track of what time it is, and if we have to be back by a certain time, it’s very likely that we’ll be back a little later, as the city offers plenty of distractions and entertainment.

Estonians and English

Don’t worry, you won’t have to learn Russian, because yes, more than a quarter of Estonians speak Russian. Estonians speak English quite well, so you should be able to make yourself understood and socialise, as this is the best way to learn the language. 

Estonian is not a very difficult language. Of course, at first you’ll be able to make yourself understood by people who speak English, but I’m sure that after a while you’ll get the hang of it.

Your budget during your move

Estonia is a country where you will be able to treat yourself, indeed, the cost of living in Estonia is much cheaper than in France. For 500 euros, you will be able to find accommodation in the capital quite quickly. When it comes to food or even leisure activities, you will appreciate being able to spend a small amount of money to visit or enjoy yourself. The internet connection is cheap and of very good quality, in the capital you can enjoy 4G everywhere.

The climate in Estonia

You can compare it to the climate in the Venice region, where it will be a little warmer. If you want to go during the summer, forget your jumper and trousers and get out your best summer clothes, they’ll be much more useful. And yes, you’ll be able to take advantage of Tallinn’s pretty beaches. OK, it’s not the Caribbean, but don’t forget that there’s also the North Sea.

Another aspect of life in Tallinn that I really enjoyed was its proximity to nature. Despite being a capital, the city is surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes. Just a few kilometres from Tallinn are vast forests, beautiful lakes and superb beaches. In my free time, I had the opportunity to explore these natural wonders and recharge my batteries in a peaceful and enchanting setting.

In short, all the conditions are met for your mobility to be super successful in Tallinn. You will be able to enjoy the climate, the beach, a greater purchasing power, as a great French philosopher would say “c’est la kiffance! “

In conclusion, living in Tallinn during an internship abroad is an exceptional experience. The city offers a unique blend of history, culture and technological innovation. You can discover the medieval atmosphere of the city centre, take part in the vibrant cultural scene, explore the growing technology sector and enjoy an excellent quality of life. Tallinn is a city that will win you over with its charm and welcoming atmosphere, and leave you with unforgettable memories of your time abroad.

The city offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, modernity and natural surroundings. You can enjoy an excellent quality of life and discover a rich and welcoming culture. Tallinn will always remain in my heart as a city where I experienced unforgettable moments and made lasting friendships.

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