What’s it like living in Warsaw during your internship abroad? So, so … let’s be frank, folks. It’s 2022 as I write this article and . Warsaw is fighting its government to uphold basic rights such as those of women, or people belonging to the LGBT+ community. So living in Warsaw is not all good. However, the city is a capital, and is therefore relatively cosmopolitan, and much more tolerant than the countryside, as in France, for example. 

It’s cheap

Warsaw, despite being the capital, is very affordable. Whether it’s rent, food, nightlife… it’s really cheap overall. First of all, it’s a great way to have fun during your internship in Poland. Moreover, even travelling in the country is not expensive, so it’s a good opportunity to travel by train or bus to Gdansk, Wroclaw, or Krakow.

It’s amazing!

Poland, as you probably know, was partially razed to the ground during the Second World War, but Poland, with the strong support of the European Union, was able to rebuild its old cities as they were. And it is absolutely beautiful. As soon as you leave the old town of Warsaw, you can walk past brand new buildings, or even walk through the local La Défense district. In short, there is something for everyone. 

Warsaw, it fights

And to qualify the introduction, Warsaw is part of the alliance of Central European capitals, along with Prague, Budapest and Bratislava, which are fighting against the authoritarian excesses of their respective governments and are therefore displayed as free cities. The only hitch for Warsaw is the Independence Day in November: fascists dressed as Nazis are going to march in the street, and you almost get beaten up several times (it’s a real-life experience) under the pretext that you don’t speak Polish. So, Warsaw, nice, but to be avoided for this period!

What is it like to live in Warsaw during your internship abroad? Well… it’s still very nice! Contact us!