Do you want to do an internship in a hotel, small or large, luxury hotel or club hotel? Do you know that different positions are possible and that you can gain a lot of experience. But what kind of experience do you want to gain from an internship in a hotel?

An internship in Hungary
At the reception desk of a luxury hotel: The courses in reception are numerous and possible in all types of hotels. In Hungary, there are many hotels, especially luxury hotels, where it is possible to work in reception. The tasks are many and varied: welcoming the client in French and in foreign languages, planning meals, carrying out daily accounting and organising relations with other departments.

In the hotel restaurant: Are you attracted by the field of catering, fine dining or room service and would you like to gain experience abroad? Some large hotels have their own restaurant and hire trainees for room service or even in the kitchen. You will be able to develop your English, Spanish and Italian speaking skills, develop your professional skills and even discover flavours from elsewhere.

An internship in Spain, in the animation of a hotel club
Bienvenido a Espana! If you have a passion for entertainment or you want to discover this world, an internship in Spain in a hotel club will be an unforgettable experience for you! Beyond the typical image “sun every day and entertainment by the pool or on the beach”, a course in a hotel club will allow you to gain real experience, bring a big plus on your CV and will allow you to develop your interpersonal skills, your sense of adaptation and responsibilities.

An internship in Greece in the accounting/finance department of a large hotel.
And yes, did you know that you could do your internship in the finance department of a hotel company? Some hotels employ trainees in their accounting/finance department for all operations of purchase, sale, suppliers, bank, debtors, on a daily and chronological basis.

Internships in hotels offer many job opportunities: reception, entertainment, accounting/finance and even catering! So many positions that will give you the opportunity to live a unique and enriching experience.

Are you convinced you’ve found the position you wanted? Then to contact us, you know what you have to do!

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