What should I do during my business school internship? Hello future business school graduate! If you’re here, I guess you’re looking for an internship: you’ve come to the right place. Your training will provide you with knowledge in various fields, you will already have to choose the focus of your internship abroad, and we’ll take care of the rest.

First, choose your field
It all depends on your level in business school. In the first year, I strongly advise you to do an operational internship: it’s important to start at the bottom, to climb up afterwards. It’s like maths: without the basics, it’s complicated to continue (A BigUp to Madame Beuvard who had to tear her hair out). The closer you are to the end, the more you can claim an internship with complex missions. Internships abroad, or not, are there to bring you experience: before the Master’s degree, I advise you to change field every year: finance, marketing, communication, human resources. Then, to specialise once you have your Bac + 3 in your pocket!

Then, the destination
It’s a tough one. There are so many extraordinary countries to visit! But, with a little strategy, you’ll be able to choose your goal correctly. Already, if your financial level is a bit of a mess: thread in Southern or Eastern Europe, these internship destinations abroad are much more affordable than London for example. Then, if you want to specialize in a particular field, let’s say surfing: go to Portugal or Thailand. Tourism? Italy, Greece, Spain or South Africa! Finance? Ireland, Malta or Cyprus! The choice of destination is not to be neglected: atypical destinations are also noticeable on a cv.

And last but not least, treat yourself
Because, yes, it’s important. An experience abroad is sometimes confusing, even when you are used to traveling. So think about having fun, and think about your hobbies: the purpose of an internship abroad is not just to work, but to stay in your country. No, an internship abroad is also about going out, meeting new people, discovering new things.

If your idea is still a bit hazy, and you’re still wondering: What should I do during my internship in business school? Don’t panic! No stress, stay zen Anakin. You can contact us for more advice, and an unbiased opinion!

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