You’re fed up with the cold and grey weather in France in December, you prefer to do your internship abroad in a warm country. Put on your flip-flops, put on your beachwear and head for Australia! Between traditions and upheavals of the classic Christmas codes, Australia revisits Christmas in its own way!

What’s it like to spend Christmas in Australia?

A traditional Australian Christmas
The turkey glows quietly in the oven and the gourmet smell of chestnuts escapes from the gas stove to embalm the kitchen. On New Year’s Eve, typical Christmas recipes settle on Australian tables. During your internship in Australia, you’ll be treated to traditional Christmas meals, followed by the opening of presents.

But outside, the snow doesn’t line the streets in white, no snowman is pointing his nose, and scarves and jackets are in the cupboards. So get out your sunglasses and head to the Australian beaches for a cold beer. Between the unmissable Christmas carols that fill the squares, you can enjoy a beachside barbeque during your internship in Australia.

Christmas in Sydney
In Sydney, head to Bondi Beach, which welcomes no less than 40,000 people during the holiday season. Far from the European Christmas, here you can swim, eat grilled meats and prefer cocktails to champagne. Your internship in Sydney will rhyme with swimming in the warm Australian waters, a nap in the sun and an evening on the beach.

You have chosen to do your internship abroad, the sun and the sea attract you and you want to spend an atypical Christmas. Australia is an ideal destination to enjoy summer during the festive season. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your internship project together.

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