You’re going to Berlin to do your internship abroad, you’ve never been there, but one of your friend’s best friend’s buddies told you it was super hot – we won’t tell you otherwise!

What’s it like living in Berlin?
Berlin is very cosmopolitan, a highly developed Erasmus community and considered one of the most fun cities in Europe. Knowing that only a quarter of them are actually from Berlin, the rest are expats in the broadest sense. There’s plenty of opportunity for nice international encounters. (but beware, we don’t flirt in the street, sorry sweetie. The word “date” is only valid for a date, not for business).

Berlin will offer you a dream student life with reasonably priced accommodation, which will allow you to take full advantage of all that this capital city has to offer! That means: Lots of things!

Germans are very ecology & environment conscious, so public transport is expensive (not for students, but don’t take this into account, do your bit for the environment), you will find a used bike quite easily. In Berlin, you have a lot of parks and lakes, you can easily relax by doing your little jogging (German = sports enthusiast).

There is a huge amount of museums and historical monuments like the Brandenburg Gate that you will admire so much: symbolizing the reunification of Germany, the Museum Island with 4 museums and the beautiful old art gallery. And so on! The same goes for art, present everywhere! Like the street art that you will find in many neighborhoods.

Berlin, city of party, freedom, difference – European capital of nightlife – so you, little night owl, will be a fan of its wild, innovative, wild evenings, in short all the adjectives are good to take to describe an evening in Berlin! Each district has its own atmosphere, and over there, the price of going out is relatively lower than in France, the diversity is there and the house parties are very famous. You’ll go home by metro (and yes, on weekends, they run at night). The evening settings are definitely off the beaten track: Rooftops – Outdoors place – old hangars – ceilings at disproportionate heights.

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