What’s it like living in Prague during your internship abroad? It’s not bad. End of blog. No, really: it’s extraordinary, it’s MY favourite European capital, and my second favourite city in Europe (Ciao Firenze for the internships in Italy!). Prague, I can tell you about it for hours: I go there regularly and I’m going back there soon to move little Pio (the brother!) for his ERASMUS in Czech Republic!

Prague, already, it’s beautiful: it’s almost a duty to get up early and go to bed late to maximize your presence in the Czech capital! The architecture is splendid, everything is to be seen! You can stroll in the city centre, as well as in the residential areas, Mala Strana, or along the Vlatva river to delight your eyes. Recent and futuristic buildings blend elegantly with Old Prague: that’s the big kiff.

Living in Prague during your traineeship in Europe is just as sweet. Czechs are Francophile: indeed, France has many ties with France; King Charles, the most famous Czech, was raised and educated in France. But also, the Czechs, despite some recent setbacks, are still resisting Euro-pessimism, unlike the Hungarians who have given in to the barriers of nationalism. In the Czech Republic, you are welcome, as long as you make some effort to integrate, such as learning basic words of politeness! The Czechs are relatively tolerant and accepting compared to other Eastern European countries: LGBTI community, different skin colours, you will have no worries to blend in and enjoy your internship experience in Prague. People are very welcoming! For the anecdote, I was once a barman and a children’s entertainer in Ibiza (yes yes!) and the Czechs were always the most appreciated group of the whole staff: polite, always in a good mood, and respectful. I have kept an excellent contact with Marek & his parents, whom I see this Monday 3rd September 2020, once again, 10 years after our first meeting at the – fire! – the Galeon Hotel in Puerto San Miguel.

Living in Prague also means taking advantage of a European capital that is still very affordable despite recent inflation: a rent of 300€ to be in the city centre, shared accommodation, pints at 1€, a lot of shopping for 25€ a week: you’re not going to blow your budget by being on a work placement in the Czech Republic, unlike other countries further north in Europe which are a bit over the top financially!

To sum up, living in Prague means enjoying a multilingual, beautiful, gentle but very dynamic environment! Going on an internship in the Czech Republic is the guarantee of a successful internship abroad, at a low cost. If you want to do an internship in Europe, contact us!