Where to do an internship abroad, in finance? That’s a big question. Because finance is already a much more varied field than one might imagine: investment funds, banks, large companies, start-ups, company foundations … the possibilities are numerous. My first piece of advice: you have to look far ahead to find THE internship abroad that matches your desire to take a closer look at the world. For the rest, it’s underneath that it happens in the padawan.

Where to go for an internship abroad in finance?
It depends, it’s beyond. First of all, leave the United Kingdom, unless you want to go into startup finance: the banks are bailing out because of Brexit. If you want to do an internship abroad in a big company, it doesn’t matter, they’re everywhere. For startups, or banks, in finance, apart from France, for your internship abroad I recommend the Netherlands, Malta, Ireland, Italy or the United Kingdom. For an internship abroad in finance, in a foundation, I recommend Spain, Italy or Greece. And if you want an investment fund: don’t target a country, target the fund, and go where you find room, because they are rare.

An internship in startup finance, really?
Clichés have a hard time. Startups aren’t limited to your buddy in fifth grade who just started a communications company. There are many – very many – who are involved in the field of finance. They have a lot of incubators or accelerators dedicated to them. To compare with EdTech: we only have two incubators in Europe, compared with more than 30 dedicated solely to finance. So, YES, doing an internship abroad in finance makes a lot of sense. The advantage of being in a small structure is that your missions will be broader, you will be able to develop your skills and defend more things for a future interview.

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