You’re in finance, accounting, management … and you have that good old financial internship to do at the end of the year. What kind of business? What kind of businesses? We’re giving you some advice here!

Getting your first experience in finance
Well already, English is inevitable. Whether in Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels … You need to be at least a level B2 or even C1 to increase your chances of being caught! In other words, it must be read, written and spoken. When someone speaks to you JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs or any other financial monster, you know that you won’t only speak French in the offices: the teams are international! Also, the main recruitment periods are generally from March to April for long internships starting in July or September. If you are on a Summer Internship, the periods start as early as November. The big firms either post ads on your school’s website, or you have to make unsolicited applications (and this works surprisingly well in finance). Don’t let the deadlines go by.

Where to do your internship in finance?
Your internship in finance, you have a lot of possible companies or organizations that need to look for sponsors, patronage, … and especially humanitarian associations, associations, cultural centers! You hadn’t necessarily thought about it? Try your luck with organizations around your city for an internship in culture or an internship in an association at the end of your first year. An internship in humanitarian work will bring you other skills and will be valued on your CV as much as an internship in La City! And what’s more, it’s an experience that’s out of the ordinary for finance students!

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