Where to do his humanitarian experience? Already, you want to do a humanitarian experience, or an associative experience, good for you! Many people want to help a cause that is familiar to them, in which they find themselves. This is certainly your case. But, where to do it, that is the biggest question! Almost 6000 offers of international humanitarian missions are available in French NGOs. Not counting the number of possible missions in foreign NGOs! So, GO to find your humanitarian mission.

Humanitarian experience in Zambia
Zambia is home to an abundant biodiversity, with a fauna and flora typical of southern Africa! Bush, highlands, hills … these are the landscapes for your humanitarian mission in Zambia! English is the official language, and more than 70 Bantu languages are spoken throughout the country. Zambia is a former British colony, part of the Commonwealth. The country is developing its urban and peri-urban infrastructure rapidly, and education is changing every year! And they need volunteers in the fields of health, education … so go for it!

Humanitarian experience in Mali
Since 2012, the consequences of the conflict in the North of Mali are multiple: economic collapse, declining living conditions, unhealthy conditions, poor access to water … In short, Mali needs help! The poverty rate is almost 47% and the country is ranked 182 out of 187 on the HDI scale. The living conditions of the population need to be improved. Some actions are already implemented by organizations, which provide them with sustainable means for water treatment and transport.

Humanitarian experience in Senegal
Humanitarian aid to build nursery schools in Senegal, or to teach children in overcrowded classes of 45 people? Whether you have humanitarian experience or not, we can help you find your humanitarian mission in Senegal! Despite being one of the most democratic and stable countries in the world, Senegal remains a poor country with more than 50% of its population living below the poverty line. So, ready for your mission?

Where to do your humanitarian experience? Do you know it now? You probably need to think a little bit more. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! Either through our blog, or through the contact form just HERE or directly by calling us, just HERE too.

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