Where to do your internship International Trade? Whether your school imposes the BtoC or BtoB, import or export: we always have THE internship abroad that will make you happy! The internships imposed in International Trade, abroad, are very short and it is very complicated to find a paid internship. Nevertheless, we have some tips to give you a hand!

Privilege Southern Europe

It is less expensive ! So, it’s easier if you’re not paid. We particularly recommend southern Italy, Slovenia or Greece, which are three widely affordable destinations. In addition, it’s sunny, you have the beach: best conditions for his internship abroad isn’t it ?? There are advantage of these destinations. More than being cheap, they have a lot of agri-food, port and textile industries: easy the import/export internship!

Greece, Slovenia or Italy for your internship abroad?

Italy is the most expensive of the three, but more people, so more companies, so it’s easier to find your internship abroad! BUT many of you are aiming for Italy: it is better to go to Slovenia or Greece for your internship abroad. Less competition, more ease! Let’s GO for your internship abroad.

International Horizons, what can you do for my internship in BTS CI?

International Horizons research your internship abroad, tailor-made, so that it is in perfect adequacy with the requirements of your School. This is without commitment, if you find before or if you want to stop your research, no worries, it is without commitment. Payment is only at signature of the agreement. So, if you want to find quickly your internship abroad, whether you are in International Trade or another training, contact us !