Why do an international internship? Easy buddy! You’ve found THE good article on the web, and in less than 5 minutes, you’ll have your answer. Ready? Let’s do it! (If after “here we go” you thought “my pecker”, we’re already in trouble. :p)

Doing an internship in France VS doing an internship abroad
Cultural openness my friend! Really. Everyone says it: an experience abroad is an opportunity to discover new cultures, new people, new methods. And for that NO STRESS, you don’t need to go to your Australian cousins or to the depths of Mongolia to get a cultural slap in the face! Many destinations in Europe offer a cultural richness at the antipodes of ours.

In Finland, or Denmark for example, we leave the children in front of the supermarket while they go shopping. In Finland, individualism is considered to be the best of collectivism. In Slovenia, there is no Marine Le Pen or Green Party: everyone is green and racism is not in their vocabulary! In Spain, ask for information in the street: 5 people will stop, and with a bit of luck you’ll end up around a cerveza. In Italy, you can test the spontaneity that characterizes them!

In short, the international internship is above all a window on the world.

Add a sexy experience on your student CV
Yeah buddy ! A sexy experience, see at the top of sex appeal. What’s up? First of all, you prove you’re mobile; and that’s a desirable quality. You also show that you are culturally open, and in this digital and internet age, teams have no limits. Interculturality is a reality in most companies: you might as well give yourself the chance to be part of it. You show adaptability, and that’s an excellent point! In short: going on an internship abroad can only be beneficial.

Doing an internship abroad is expensive.
WOoOoOOOoooow! FAKE NEWS ! It’s like Trump talking about journalists or the climate. Calm Down! No, doing an internship abroad is cheap. Already, choose a nearby destination in Europe: for less than 50€ round trip you can go anywhere! Take a country in the South or Central Europe to do your internship, and there, surprise! Rents, food: everything is cheaper than in France.

So, no more excuses: go and do your internship abroad! Our agency will find you a tailor-made internship for 300€ or 400€. Is that expensive? Lolilol young friend! Make no mistake: between the calls abroad, the research, etc., it’s really not excessive! So contact us! And if not, you can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook! See you soon!

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