Why do an internship abroad ? Easy buddy! You’ve come to THE good blog on the web, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll get your answer. Ready? Let’s go !

To do an internship in France VS to do an internship abroad
Cultural openness my friend! An experience abroad is the opportunity to discover new cultures, new people, new methods. And for that NO STRESS, no need to go in the depths of Mongolia to take the cultural slap! Many destinations in Europe offer a cultural richness.

In Finland, or in Denmark, for example, children are left in front of the supermarket for time to go shopping. In Finland, individualism is considered the best of collectivism. If you are In Slovenia, Marine Le Pen or Green Party: everyone is green and racism is inexistant! In Spain, ask for information in the street: 5 people will stop, and with some luck you end around a cerveza.If you are In Italy, you will be able to test the spontaneity that characterizes them!

In short, internships abroad are an opening to the world.

Add a sexy experience to your student resume
Yeah buddy! A sexy experience. Why ? First of all, you prove that you are mobile; and it is a sought-after quality. You also show that you have a cultural openness, and in the digital age and the internet, the teams have no limits. Interculturality is real in most companies. You’re adaptable, and that’s a great point! Going on an internship abroad can only be beneficial.

International Internship, it’s expensive
WOoOoOOOOoooOow! FAKE NEWS! It sounds like Trump telling us about journalists or the climate. Calm Down! No, do an internship abroad, it’s not expensive. Already, choose a nearby destination in Europe: for less than 50 € A / R you can go anywhere! Take a country from the South or Central Europe to do your internship, and there, surprise. Rents, food: everything is cheaper than in France.

So, no excuse: go on an internship abroad! Our agency will find you a tailor-made internship for 200 €. It’s expensive ? c’mon my friend!  this is really not excessive! So, to contact us it’s here! And if not, you can follow us ! See you soon!