Why to do an internship abroad? It’s obvious, and we explain why!

An internship abroad is a  great asset for your resume

If today most companies are looking internationally, you have every interest to follow the same trend to match the expectations of a first job. Above the number of applicants on the same job offer, it is essential to stand out with a step abroad quality. Do not hesitate to contact the International Horizons team to help you find a stopover in Mexico, Taiwan, Australia or Europe. Going abroad is also proving that you are mobile: it is a positive message that you make to a job interview.

Get out of your comfort zone

Staying in your country doing your internship is not a bad idea. But tell yourself that your comrades,  will not be this opinion. To go abroad to do an internship is to leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You will do the job you love, and you will face another language than yours. Double challenge, dual skills. And this, companies like.

Perfecting a language

Exactly: exit the vague indications on your resume! More than “basic level, school, intermediate”. With an internship abroad, you will be able to improve your language skills and prove to your future company that English / Spanish, you master. Supporting evidence.

Discover the country

We are not going to lie: doing an internship abroad also allows us to discover a new country. Yes, you work the week. But on weekends, it’s up to you to discover the region or even the country! With the many existing means at low cost, no more excuses to go.

Gain of maturity

This experience abroad is often the first out of your country. It will enrich you professionally, but also personally and humanly. You will have to learn to rely on yourself on the spot and make your own choices. We always come out of an internship abroad! Create an international networkFinally, going on an internship abroad is also giving yourself the opportunity to start an international network. Do not underestimate the power of a network, whether professional or private: these are doors that can one day serve you on other occasions.

If you’re decided to do your internship abroad, contact us ! We can help you !