Why do a humanitarian internship ?

Discovery and generosity are probably the key words of a humanitarian internship. You will  grow from this experience with a whole new perception of the world around you.  Team Hi has reviewed the feedback of its participants in humanitarian internship.

Discover the Other with a big O

Helping people in distress is the primary goal of a humanitarian internship. But through this experience, you will meet other people, who will have nothing to do with those you see every day. Lives based on other priorities than yours, enriching encounters by their history, their way of life … You will discover an Other, but also a new part of yourself.


Do a humanitarian internship prove yourself, that we can give time and energy to others around us. It is important to have this idea in mind when you go to live such an experience abroad.

Gift of his skills

You already have skills to offer : in your current studies, you will always have something to give. Whether you give some communication tips to the association where you do your internship, whether you are an engineer, nurse, doctor, or you speak English, Spanish, German, there is always something to do in the humanitarian field.

Develop your soft skills

These famous soft skills, desired by recruiters, will be developed during a humanitarian internship. Indeed, you you will give the best of you in a humanitarian experience. Your human qualities will be improved. Patience, courage, perseverance, leadership, listening to others … The list is still long!

Realize something useful

Do a humanitarian internship, it is also an opportunity to take step back on your life. When you discover a disaster, you realize that the material may not be so important, and that the life priorities are elsewhere. A humanitarian internship will allow you to feel useful and help to improve the existence of a needy population. It will be an unforgettable experience that you will keep throughout your life.

If the idea of ​​a humanitarian internship attracts you, do not hesitate to contact Team HI! Several offers of humanitarian internship in Senegal are available. So go for it!