Hello youth! Welcome to this beautiful blog article on World Blog Day! WTF ?! Andy Warhol said that “from now on everyone will have their own 15 minutes of world fame”. And, the present proves him right; thanks to the numerous blogs, YouTube channel and others, a new means of communication has been born. And not only that, it is also a new service of mutual aid and culture.

What is a blog?

A blog is an opportunity to share and learn! And the themes are varied: travel, beauty, cooking, gaming, education, politics … There are blogs available on all themes! And, thanks to this, it is now easy to post messages, advice, check the news. The blog is the new means of communication for the anonymous!

What is the International Horizons blog?
It’s hot: travel tips for cheap internships abroad, cultural trips, activities about experiences abroad, news, humanitarian blog, testimonials, love, laughter and passion. And a lot of humility, of course! In short, my srabs, you’ve understood it: the International Horizons blog is the top of the pop when you want to get away for an internship abroad! Okay, you’ll admit that we weren’t going to talk about jam and laundry here.

From you to me, from us to you, on this World Blog Day, isn’t it time to launch one, to share your ideas, your techniques, your know-how, cough, cough? Dare, write, share: these will be the three words of this day, which we place under the sign of learning and sharing!

See you really soon at International – internship abroad – cultural stays – training – bogossitude.

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