World Education Day is an opportunity to recall that there are many inequalities in education around the world. Therefore, in this article, we will give you some tips, to act simply, at your level. Education must be at least as important an issue as ecology. Nelson Mandela once said ‘education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’. So, on this World Education Day, how can we act? How do we act?

Let us simply act
There are many local, national and international structures for involvement in education. The AFEV, for example, allows to sponsor a child and help him/her in his/her schooling. The involvement is minimal, and can change a life. The deal is to give one to two hours a week to a child to bring him/her to social and school autonomy.

Another way to get involved is to do volunteer work in orphanages abroad, or in dedicated associations: the missions are short, one to two weeks a year.

If you don’t have the time, but a little money, you can also sponsor associations online: there are hundreds of them that offer to receive donations starting from 10€. Moreover, it’s tax free. We work with two associations, in Senegal, and in Benin, if you want us to guide you!

World Education Day, how does International Horizons participate?
International Horizons, OK, it’s a business, and therefore aims to make money, but not only ! We are already involved in finding internships abroad for students, starting at 300€. Our competitors’ rates are around 1500€.

Also, International Horizons is releasing a mobile application, the WillApp, to help students looking for an internship in France, and recruiters. And it’s 100% free for students! We want to put an end to elitism, and allow students without a network to get quality internships.

But that’s not all! International Horizons is committed to helping disadvantaged young people in Europe by submitting three European projects over three years to 1/ establish a better management of youth support in Europe by integrating degrees of autonomy 2/ create a new education system for refugees and allow them a simpler and faster integration 3/ defend the student-entrepreneur status and spread it throughout Europe!

Taking part in World Education Day is simple, we can all do it at our level! If you want to support International Horizons, a little like on Facebook, it will be our pleasure. See you HERE.

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