19.08: World Humanitarian Day! The opportunity to take stock of our Senegalese partner, and express its needs in volunteering! First of all, it is important to note, that for any placement in Senegal, International Horizons donates 10€ to the association of your choice.

Volunteer needs for an internship in Senegal

They are varied! (re)discover them through this little article!

Internship in water treatment

Easy Feezy: improve the existing system to maximize access to drinking water, and, educate the locals on this issue.
Medico-social internship

Here, you are involved in preventive health, with young people, mainly in schools. Note that you are rarely involved in intervention, but of course in prevention.

Eco-construction internship

Materials engineering, architecture: the field is vast, and many projects are underway or to be launched. You lead the teams alongside the site manager, and bring your expertise.
Project management internship

Two axes, project management strictly speaking, or the search for patronage and investment funds to enable projects to exist and get off the ground. Send us your profile, and we will build together, the internship best adapted to your profile.

Ecological internship

Passionate about ecology and tomorrow’s inventor, this internship is for you! Ecology is not the political priority of Senegal, but there is a citizen will to get involved! It’s up to you to imagine and implement simple and effective solutions.

Librarian internship

Archivist or Librarian: this is one of the two positions you can hold.
Sports Educator Internship

Martial arts, water sports, cycling, team sports: everything is imaginable. In order to participate in this humanitarian training course, you need to be a member of a sports club and/or be in STAPS and/or any other sport. Educating young people through sport on behalf of humanitarian causes: it’s possible!

So, for this World Day of Humanitarian Aid, you note that enormous progress needs to be made! And you can help them. Contact us, and go on a training course in Senegal towards Dakar.

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