Are your seeking an internship import / export ? Why should you do an internship in Azerbaijan ? Let’s go for the presentation of import / export in Azerbaijan. It would be a perfect reference on your CV.


Azerbaijan is one of the perfect country for an internship in import / export. Why ? Simply because it is a country whose soil is rich in hydrocarbons, and with the second oil boom, the price of this resource exploding making Azerbaijan a new major player in International Trade. The country is very active with only 5% unemployment rates in 2016. Azerbaijan was still living from agriculture, so there is still little personn educated to business. It’s your turn to play !


Located in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan is the country where Europe, Asia and the Middle East meet. The currency in force is the manat. Its capital Baku is a modern city, knows for its 3 glass towers in the style of Dubai that rub shoulders with the ancient medieval city (A real pleasure for the eyes). Azerbaijan already welcome Eurovision, and the Formula 1 circuit of Baku is one of the most famous. The country is bordered to the east by the Caspian Sea, enough to soak your feet on weekends after your internship. By the way, if you don’t know where to travel when you will be in Azerbaijan, we wrotte a blog article about it !

Your internship in import / export

If you want to export hydrocarbons, welcome to Azerbaijan ! It’s a unique experience, that will allow you to live through the cultural mix between Asia, Middle East and Europe. There is opportunity to work with any country : let’s go for your internship in Azerbaijan ! Just sign in, and we contact you back asap !