A BTS CI internship in Azerbaijan! At the confluence of the East, Russia and Europe, you can imagine that this underrated country is very rich culturally and is an original choice for your internship abroad. Where do we start?

A BTS CI internship in Baku

The Azeri activity is mainly industrial, which makes it a great world exporter! The oil exploited in the Caspian Sea is very largely exported everywhere in the world. The strategic location of the capital at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East makes it a major player in the transport of raw materials. You will be surprised by their excellent local cognac!

Baku is a breathtaking city that mixes modernity with older architecture. You will love to lose yourself in the streets of the old city and visit the sublime mosques during the weekends. During the week, the modern city side will make you believe in Europe! You will often look at the Flame Towers visible from everywhere in the capital and symbol of the city very often. By the way, I -Gohu- have to tell you that you can take a train to Georgia for a weekend and have a crazy weekend in Tblisi! After a European project I dream to go back there! If you also want to know more about this country and by the way about the European projects check this fire article written by Sébas. Did I tell you about the carpet museum in Baku? The building itself is shaped like a folded carpet!

Let’s go back to Baku: The city is an ideal setting for your BTS CI internship abroad. The country is an original choice that will stand out on your resume.
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