A BTS CI internship in Germany, the country of the big gamos qualität. You guessed it, your prospecting or IMEX internship will probably be related to the automotive field. Great European economic power, large dynamic cities… A choice destination for a first mobility since it is not far from metropolitan France (S/O parents reassured)

A BTS CI internship in Berlin

The capital! Known for its nightlife and its avant-gardism, Berlin is a very rich cultural city. A real slap in the face! Between two export orders or three prospecting phone calls, take a look at the Berlin street art.

A BTS CI internship in Hamburg

The 3rd largest commercial port in Europe. You see me coming with the opportunities of contexts during your internship of BTS CI abroad. No time to get bored! On weekends, go downtown and enjoy the city.

A BTS CI internship in Düsseldorf

The young and festive city of Germany! The little plus: the city is very well served from Paris by train etc… Düsseldorf is culturally rich, you won’t have time to get bored if you choose to go there :)

A BTS CI internship in Stuttgart

Amateur d’automobile? Do you combine a commercial internship in the industry with your passion? Stuttgart is the city of choice. Cradle of the automobile you can at the end of your internship visit for example the Mercedes-Benz or Porsche museum! Contact us right here 🙂