During your internship in Finland, you will get a taste of the great gastronomic culture, and the Finns are very attached to it. Well, they’re not as famous as the French or the Italians for their cuisine, but they still manage to bring out some cool stuff. Products from the lakes, forests, the sea: lots of fresh produce! Finns eat healthy, and good local products: let’s go for the few culinary specialties in Finland.


It literally translates as “slaps on the wrist”. It is a kind of cinnamon buns that is eaten with coffee (Finns are the biggest consumers of coffee in the European Union) during the break. After eating one, your only desire will be to eat another one …


During your internship in Finland, you will eat them for breakfast. They are a kind of rye cakes or rather rye tarts, topped with potatoes, carrots or rice to be eaten very hot. They are also called Karelian pirogues, as they originally come from this region in eastern Finland.


The summer soup of the Finns. They mix a little bit everything they can find under their hands (a little like in all their dishes by the way). A mixture of carrots, potatoes, raw weight, spinach, etc…


It’s a salmon soup with a milk base and some vegetables like potato, etc…. (a salmon keisakeitto in short).


Literally cheese bread, it is eaten warm with blackberry jam in general. It is made from cow, goat or reindeer milk. You will find it in every Finnish restaurant, and in every home! The texture is weird, and it doesn’t taste too good, but you can eat it!

Reindeer meat

If you’re a big fan of cow steak, get ready for a great cure: reindeer meat is omnipresent. And it can be eaten in all kinds of sauces: stewed, barbecued, pan-fried, pâté, dried, sausages … One thing is sure: you can’t escape it.


Blueberries are plentiful in the Finnish forests in summer, all Finns pick them to freeze them in winter! They often make pies out of them. Picking them in the summer is a fun activity to do!

These are just a few of the Finnish specialties you will be able to taste during your internship in Finland. Of course, there are dozens of others that you will be able to discover on the spot. We made you a little appetizer! So, contact us for your internship abroad!

GO for your internship in Finland.