Culinary specialities in Lithuania! Lithuanian gastronomy is very much based on tradition, so yes you won’t always eat your pasta carbo, or even your croque-monsieurs, but I’m sure you’ll find everything just as good.

On the other hand, I warn you, you won’t come out of it very fit !!!

A typical Lithuanian dish is šaltibarščiai

El šaltibarščiai

The šaltibarščiai a soup of beets and cucumbers mixed with cream. You can eat it cold, with steamed potatoes during the summer months. Excellent!

The karbonadas

The karbonadas is fried and breaded pork, a kind of local Schnitzel, accompanied by tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes, or the kepsnys, a variant with beef.


One of the most representative specialities of the cuisine since ancient times. Herring, like other traditional products, is preserved either salted, marinated or smoked. You can eat herring in a salad, accompanied by potatoes and hard-boiled eggs, or marinated, for example with red onions, leeks, carrots and white vinegar. You’ll see, you’ll love!!!!

In the category of desserts, šakotis

It is a cake, typically Lithuanian, baked on a spit with eggs, sugar, flour and lemon. In Lithuania, we also eat fruit compotes (kompotas), honey cake (medauninkas) and ice cream (ledai). And yes, a dessert will never hurt you, a little more for your scales.

Well, with all that, I’m sure you’ll be thirsty, I have some things for you.

Beer (alus) is widely consumed in Lithuania. Lithuanian beer is of excellent quality, higher in alcohol content and sweeter than beers in Western Europe. More typical is gira, a drink made from fermented bread, with little or no alcohol, and served mainly in summer.

There you go, you’re ready to put on ten kilos, no, I’m just kidding, but don’t worry, to discover new typical specialities, Lithuania is perfect!!!!

All you need now is your internship,