For your internship in Croatia, we make you discover the culinary specialties of the country! The sun, the sea, and the good food. You will be served. 

Smoked ham! Of course, it can be found everywhere, but Croatians eat it as an appetizer, as a starter or for a gourmet break. We also suggest you the octopus salad! The octopus salad is a cold salad made of octopus in small pieces, and depending on the restaurant, of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, capers… all of this must be accompanied by extra virgin olive oil.

In central Croatia, you can’t miss Štrukli sa sirom; a cheese specialty that looks like a kind of big ravioli stuffed with cottage cheese. One of the culinary specialties of Croatia that you should not miss! 

An unmissable dish! The brudet or brodet is a fish soup prepared with the small fishes of the fishing. 

Sarmas, a dish just delicious. These are specialties made of cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice. They have a special taste, because they are cooked in a broth with smoked meat. It is just delicious !!!!

It is called Crni rižot which means black risotto, a specialty of the coast. Its appearance may be repulsive at first, but I assure you that it is delicious! 

For those who love all things greasy and stuffed, you will find this typical dish in most restaurants in the country, but you must try the čevapi sandwich. The sandwich not to be missed!

The hamburger! The pljeskavica is a kind of burger, originally from Serbia but very popular in Croatia. The minced meat is often pork, lamb or beef served in a large pita bread, called somum and accompanied by avjar. 

For your internship in Croatia, lots of specialties are waiting for you, and it’s just by here!