Culinary specialties in Indonesia: The best dishes to taste during your internship in Asia! You’re really not ready I assure you. With this little list you will know what to order or eat when you will be in Indonesia. Take your notepad, let’s go!

The Nasi Goreng

This dish is not to be missed! We are talking about Indonesia’s national culinary speciality. But what is it? So Nasi Goreng is actually fried rice seasoned with condiments in a dosage that only Asia has the secret. Garlic, shallots, sweet soy sauce… a RE-GAL! For the accompaniment, Indonesians (depending on the region) use beef, shrimps or eggs. A simple dish but far from being basic once in the mouth! As we told you before, rice is the base of the Indonesian diet, but don’t be afraid, rice has a totally different taste over there. Enjoy it during your internship in Indonesia.


Ce plat se mange surtout sur l’île de Sumatra. C’est le plat de la fête. De bons morceaux de boeufs marinés pendant au moins deux heures dans des épices qui donne au boeuf un goût unique. 

Bakmi Goreng

A must in Indonesia but with noodles, it’s really nice too when you’re fed up with rice. The noodles are long and wavy and they’re really cool to eat. As a student, you probably already know about instant ramen? Well listen, after a good Bakmi Goreng you won’t be able to eat ramen after you return from your internship in Indonesia.

Babi Kecap

We bring out the rice to show you this delicious Indonesian recipe. The Babi Kecap is a pork tenderloin drizzled with sweet and spicy soy sauce. It’s a treat! I can only recommend you eat it. 

Gado Gado

We’re thinking of you veggies! The Gado Gado is an excellent dish! Minute vegetables with spices and peanut sauce. The top of the top. It’s not the healthiest thing to eat, we agree, but frankly it’s worth the detour.

Now you know more about what to eat when you’re in Indonesia! Are you tempted by a professional experience in Asia? Or a humanitarian project? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll find what you need 😉 Go for your internship in Indonesia !  

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