Culinary specialties in South Africa! Let’s go! It is a mixture of several cuisines from different continents: European, Asian, African, from its indigenous tribes, but also from the different colonial and migratory influences that the country has experienced over the past centuries. So, for your internship in South Africa and your outstanding internship abroad, open your taste buds wide 🙂

The boerewors

Typical South African beef, pork or lamb sausages with lots of spices! They are rolled in spirals and are cooked on Braai (sudaf barbecues) and are sometimes sold with bread. Delicious. (it’s the sausage of the ”peasants”, called ”boers”)

The Chakalaka

During your internship abroad in South Africa, you will feel the Indian influence on this dish, which is a mixture of vegetables spiced with chillies and curry. It can be served with bread. It is very spicy, and spitting fire becomes possible.

The Bobotie

Indonesian origin this time! It’s a kind of parmentié minced meat revisited with a local sauce based on eggs and minced meat. It was introduced in the seventeenth century by settlers. It has become the national dish of the country and you can find it everywhere!

The Braai

Typical sudaf barbecue! You will find it everywhere during your internship in South Africa. For example, if you go to the townships or places dedicated to it, you bring your meat back and everybody cooks it around the barbuc! It can be beef, but also zebra, springbok, antelopes, etc …

The Biltong

If you’re struggling to find a good herb sauciflar, it’s normal, the Bbiltong is its South African counterpart! Or at least that’s what I think. The meat is soaked in vinegar, spices, salt and then dried to be cut into thin strips or small pieces. Be it beef, springbok, game, or ostrich (by the way, you can also eat ostrich eggs on farms), there is something for everyone, everywhere for your internship in South Africa!

The Malva Pudding

A dessert you must try. Of Dutch origin, it is a very sweet dessert made from Dutch pudding. It is a soft caramelized biscuit, and you can add apricot jam. To be enjoyed with a small drink to soak the biscuit. 🙂

The Amarula

Typical South African alcohol, you’d think it was Baileys’. I managed to find some in a supermarket, in a Leclerc! It’s a liqueur made from cream, sugar and Marula fruit. Elephants eat a lot of this fruit. Hence its logo, which happens to be an elephant.

The Castle Lager

The beer you’ll also find everywhere. In clubs on Long Street, in bars in Camps Bay, in the desert on the way back to Namibia … In short, you won’t run out. To drink cold of course!

Well, I can’t make them all, but it gives you a little taste of what you’ll be able to eat there. The food is generally very spicy, be careful with your transit! So, for your internship in South Africa, contact us!