Culinary specialties from Cyprus?

The culinary origin

Cypriot cuisine is as varied as it is excellent, with dishes from Italy, Turkey and other neighbouring countries. Culinary specialties of Cyprus are often made with fresh products from the island, such as aromatic plants, fish, seafood and not forgetting their famous natural olive oil!

The specialities

Wonderful dishes reside there, they are not only original, they are delicious. The Team offers you a small selection of traditional dishes, all you have to do is taste and enjoy them.

The lountza,

It is a smoked pork tenderloin that is very often served in sandwiches made with grilled cheese: halloumi.


They are very copious starters as its name suggests, “mezze”: delicious small dishes. They are very famous in Cyprus, some people are satisfied with these starters as a complete meal because the variety of food is so high. They consist of fish, meat, extremely good sauces and good fresh vegetables.

The loukanika,

These are good grilled sausages, seasoned with coriander, marinated in red wine and smoked. A real treat for chipolatas lovers.

The very popular ofto kleftiko,

This dish proposes rather large pieces of lamb that are cooked in a clay oven, where the whole is seasoned with bay leaves. Mmmh a dish that will leave your taste buds with memories.

The sheftalia,

Sheftalia are small grilled pork crepinettes. The crépinettes consist of preparing the meat in a strainer, they are different from our famous veal paupiettes.

Where to eat in Cyprus?
You can eat in restaurants but if you want to get more familiar with the local cuisine, it is better for you to go to “Les Tavernes”. These are restaurants with a more refined service than the restaurants, where the hours are more flexible.

You can also have lunch in cafés or snack bars, which also offer local specialities. The atmosphere is good and it is easy to talk about current events with the locals.

For you, little wine lover!

Did you know that the wine of Cyprus is very famous! Its production dates back to more than 2000 BC. The know-how is in their hands as well as the good grapes that grow in the region. So don’t leave Cyprus without testing all these culinary treasures.

So, seduced by the culinary specialties of Cyprus? Do you want to go there to do your internship and taste these wonderful dishes? Contact us!

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