New blog on the cultural differences between France and Italy! Italy is a little bit our country of looove (kiss kiss to the little ones from Belluno), so we’re pleased to share with you some little blogs about the country of lovers. If you do a workshop in Italy, you’ll know what to expect! Let’s go my pecker

Longer studies

The years of study to get your baccalaureate is 13! As opposed to 12 for France: the difference is at the middle school level. 4 years for us, and 3 for them! They have to choose their orientation from the age of 14. That’s early, isn’t it? It’s compensated in high school or there it’s definitely longer: 3 years for us, and 5 for them! We much prefer our system :)

Morning coffee

When you do your internship in Italy, you’ll drink coffee. Lots of coffee. But in small quantities! Doubles, Americans etc. do not exist much or not at all. This is a ristretto coffee: strong, short and very strong. An espresso or a cappuccino are also possible. You will see the Italians stop at the local bar in suits and ties, before leaving for work, to chat and drink their coffee.

They are very well dressed!

They have the reputation of always being well dressed and neat. Men or women, it’s not a myth, they clearly have style. And we’re jealous. Women are beautiful, men too, in three-piece suits or long dresses. Nothing wrong with that. Clearly. Even in the summer, if you want to avoid looking like a tourist in sandals, keep your pants on. And keep your arms and shoulders covered when entering museums or churches, otherwise you won’t get through (even in shorts, by the way).

The Italian menu

Contrary to our typical menu starter, main course and dessert, for your internship in Italy it will be 4 courses. Antipasto, primero, secundo and dolce. This is the equivalent of a starter, a kind of appetizer, followed by a first course (usually pasta or risotto), a second course (a meat or fish with possibly a garnish) and finally the dessert, very tasty!

The aperitivo

It’s one of my favourite aspects of Italy: the aperetivo. In France, it’s the peanuts where everyone picks them. In Italy, it’s petits fours, mini sandwiches, and lots of little appetizers. And you don’t have to pay: you just have to take a cocktail and serve yourself as much as you want. Of course, leave some for the others at the risk of being misunderstood. You’ll love it :)

There are many other cultural differences, and don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to advise you. GO for your internship in Italy