Do your engineering internship in Finland: good or bad idea? Here are a few lines to help you choose your future destination for your internship abroad in Scandinavia. Finland, let’s go!

Why do an engineering internship in Finland?

Finland is a big consumer of engineering profiles: firstly because there are not enough people trained in the field on the spot, and secondly because there has been a big dumping on robotics, automation, home automation or ecology. Also, Finland is looking for qualified profiles, for rather long internships in general, with the possibility of employment afterwards.

Do an engineering internship in Finland: the cost of living

During your internship in Finland, the cost of living will be much higher than in France, from 25% to 50% depending on the consumable. Rents, for example, are very expensive in Finland, whether in Helsinki, the capital, or even Olomouc and Mikkeli. Food is also much more expensive, unlike transport. So you need to have some money, and ERASMUS grants if you want to make the most of your stay in Finland, in good conditions. 

Do an engineering internship in Finland: the premises

As in all northern countries, Finland is tough. Unlike the Latins, people don’t go out much, and are not very spontaneous. So you have to be patient and break the ice a bit before you can go out with the Finns. But, once you get past this stage, you can easily make a social circle and enjoy your stay to the full!

So don’t hesitate for your internship in Finland! No doubt you will have a good internship abroad there, we guarantee it. So contact us ?