Doing a an internship in International Trade in Cyprus: what a good idea! Sunshine, Zumba Cafew and cultural pairs of slaps! For your BTS CI internship, in your first year, you will have to work on customer prospecting and customer care: what better way to do this than on a Mediterranean island?

1 – Doing your an internship in International Trade in Cyprus: it’s strategic!

Entry point for the Eastern Mediterranean countries, Turkey and Lebanon, Cyprus, like Malta for the Maghreb countries, is one of the hubs of Europe. A very sunny island country (I invite you to read our experience feedback!)Cyprus is obliged to import a maximum of products and raw materials: strategically, for commercial prospecting, we are therefore at the top level! Cyprus has a special status, between Greece and Turkey, and therefore you will work in English – unless you are proficient in the languages of Plato or Nazim Hikmet!

2 – Doing your internship in International Trade in Cyprus: it’s fun!

Lanarca for partying till the end of the night, Nicosia for culture or Paphos for its fine sandy beaches and seaside bars where you can chill until you fall asleep at 30 degrees at night. Cyprus is also the proof that Muslims and Catholics can live together: from one street to another, you have a mosque as well as a church, and everyone can get along very well! What’s more, from Cyprus, you can even take a ferry to visit Beirut in Lebanon, or push on to Turkey.

3 – Doing an internship in International Trade in Cyprus: it’s cheap!

Flights are not excessive from Western Europe: for less than €150 return, you can find flights all year round. Flat rentals are not expensive either, you can find what you want from 300€ per month without too much effort! Local transport is cheap too, not very regular but not very expensive. All in all, you’ll live more easily in Cyprus than in France, and what’s more, you don’t have to change currencies: it’s also the Euro! Beware of always having cash on hand: credit cards are still not widely used by local shopkeepers, especially in the old town of Cyprus!

In short, an internship in International Trade in Cyprus