Doing an internship abroad in an association is a very good option! Doing an internship abroad is cool; working in an association is cool. Why not combine the two and make it double?

Are you still feeling it? Come on, let’s go for a Top 3 good reasons to do an internship abroad in an association!

Top 1: Scouts love
Today you’re in school. Yes, but tomorrow… tomorrow you’ll be on the job market. Like Corentin, Celine and Amir who are in your class. And I’m not even talking about all the people who are NOT in your class. So, differentiating yourself is key. So far, nothing new in the tropics. Doing an internship abroad isn’t mandatory (even if some trainings already do it), but it’s really appreciated by HR. And as being a member of an association, it’s also very well regarded by HR, it’s the best way to get your CV on the pile. Let’s face it, an experience in an association is highly regarded by recruiters.

Top 2: the missions will be varied
In a partnership, it’s not at Danone: there isn’t a guy who does digital communication and a guy who handles press relations. Everyone’s got their hands in the dirt. We’re almost in start-up mode, without the tech side (even though more and more associations are getting involved). That’s precisely the big added value you can bring during your internship in Europe: digital, you know. Why not help them on this point? Mastering networks, web content and free tools that help the daily life… All this is your cam? Perfectly. With its luggage, your association will give you more missions and more responsibilities.

Top 3: A great way to make friends.
Since most associations have volunteers, there is a 100% chance that you will find volunteers who are your age, and who are local. It’s a great opportunity to work on your English or the language of the country (that’s the purpose of an internship abroad). Take advantage of this opportunity to make friends and integrate yourself fully into the city.

And the advantage is that there’s no lack of assos. To do your internship in Europe, it’s simple, you can contact us from our contact details below 😉

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