Feedback from Greece: Crete edition! Hello everybody here your captain Hugo, welcome to this Horizons Airlines flight to Heraklion – Rethymnon and Chania, for a one week trip to share with you my feelings about Greece and more particularly this small island below: Crete.


First day, I took off from Nantes at 3pm and here I am in 3 hours of flight in Crete. The first thing that impressed me was when I landed: You understand that you’re on an island, the runway is on the edge of the beach, you can see the sea a few meters away, a real postcard. 

Heraklion is a fairly urbanized city, the main shopping street is pedestrian and it is pleasant to stroll around at any time (shops are open until quite late). The port is in my opinion “THE PLACE TO BE” if you want to make your friends dream. Duck into the first cafe on the old venetian port and drop your best story insta (no I didn’t, I didn’t ?). By the way? Have you thought about subscribing to HI’s insta account? You’ll find there some stories that you can see what it looks like :

I took advantage of my two days in Heraklion to also go for a trip to Knossos, an open-air archaeological site that you absolutely must see! Small bonus, if you are an EU resident, you only pay half price. 

Chania: Chania for Intimates

To pronounce Rania, (the locals will understand you better ahah). Chania, is easy to reach from Heraklion, thanks to the KTEL bus lines that pass every hour. 

It’s been my favorite city on this trip. The city is gorgeous! They’ve managed to preserve the huge old quarters where I loved to get lost and eat well. I’m not even talking about the old port of Chania, which is worthy of the city. I was amazed by it and it was crazy. Every nook and cranny hides a steep little street with warm colours that makes you want to go further, it’s so beautiful. The Minarets overlooking the city are a testimony to the fascinating history of Crete. Don’t forget to visit the museum of Chania if you want to know more 🙂


Between Chania and Heraklion lies Rethymno. It’s really a small Chania, the typical coughing, coughing streets. You’ll eat there as well, and unlike Chania you’ll find more air. Because in Crete it’s hot, like really hot. But I’ll come there afterwards. The big thing to do in Rethymno is to visit the Fortress! This fortress overlooks the whole city and the sea! Not to mention the historical interest of the place. It was built by the Venetians at the time when they were masters of the island to avoid the Ottoman invasions.

The rest of the island: 

I stayed mostly on the northern part of the island (the most urbanized) the south is wilder. You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities (mountain biking, hiking ….) it’s quite mountainous. I let you imagine the playground. The sea and the mountains nearby, the dream for nature lovers.

Crete: The island of heat 

Not having any resistance to the heat, I didn’t choose the best spot, but frankly it’s done well, all the shops, hotels, public transport are air-conditioned, so in reality it’s manageable. Then you know the Mediterranean way of life: basically it’s so hot that there’s not a cat outside from 14H to 17H and everyone stays cool in a tavern or at home. Fun fact, as soon as you sit down somewhere (restaurant or bar) we come to bring you a glass of ice water with a carafe before you even blow a word. It’s very pleasant. A second one for the road: At HI the coffee is more of an industrial type, so it is as a good member of the team that I realized that our fuel is consumed in a striking way (therefore cold) in Crete in a majority way.

The Cretan people: 

Very nice, the people are helpful and very friendly whether they are shopkeepers, locals… As soon as I arrived I felt the country safe, moreover at no time I felt unsafe. The young women can dress as they want, no one has an insistent look on their faces. There is no trafficking of any kind (at least visibly). 

Food in Greece: 

Having a rather sensitive stomach – cuckoo Seb’- I apprehend every trip abroad. Well Greece is true to its reputation! Everything is excellent and fresh! Of course if you’re a fan of fish or seafood you’ll be more than in a taste paradise, but there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just eat meat, you’re sure to find something for you! At every street corner, an opportunity to eat well presents itself, the hardest part being to resist it ;) So you’ll understand, I really enjoyed my stay in Crete 🙂 If you want to do an internship there, don’t hesitate to contact us, I promise, I’ll give you some good tips…