You’re young, and you can’t speak English: that’s a problem for a lot of trades. But don’t worry, thanks to International Horions, you will benefit from a few tips to learn this language and master it like no one else! So, how can you learn English easily? This is where it comes in!

Watch your series in VO
Start with the subtitled versions, then remove the subtitles to force you to watch your series and movies, in English: it’s a great way to make yourself heard! English voices are usually much more stylish!

Going on a trip or weekend abroad
No, it’s not expensive. If you go by skyscanner for the flights, and by talktalkbnb to sleep, for less than 100€ you get 3 nights in London, easy feezy. And, shopping in English, reading English all day long, it’s still much more instructive than 2 hours of English per week: go for it.

Read in English
If you’re a reader, go to the library and rent your favourite books in English: you’ve already read them so you won’t get lost, and it will be much easier to understand them. And if you’re not a big reader, start with children’s books, or an English picture book: you can already enrich your vocabulary, learn one word a day!

Go for an internship abroad
Whether it is an internship in Malta, an internship in England or an internship in Ireland, there are many European possibilities to do your internship in English! “Yes but I have no conventions”. Cool: get closer to the local mission you depend on, to your school, or to Pôle Emploi: all three entities are authorized to issue internship agreements so that you can complete your internship abroad!

So, how can you learn English easily? You have the answer. Netflix, Travel, Library and International Horizons: in 6 months you’ll be bilingual!

If you want to know more about our tips, it’s there 😉