I am in Malta, where can I travel during my internship abroad? Malta is an archipelago, so it’s not easy? We have a lot of good tips to give you, so go and read, and enjoy yourself: travel, meet people, have fun.


No need to fly, a small family ferry is enough. It’s not very expensive, and you can discover this sublime Italian island: Catania or Palermo, the king’s choice. Sicily is very beautiful, the people are very welcoming, friendly, they live outside, discuss, eat on big tables … it’s THE family. Far from the clichés of the mafia, Sicily is a must-see in your life. 


A bit more of a change of scenery? Go to the opposite side of Sicily, towards Tunisia. Tunisia is the smallest of the Maghreb, and it is absolutely beautiful: the cities are all more surprising than the others. Tunisia is very different from city to city: you won’t be able to do it in one weekend. I advise you to read our other blogs on Tunisia to make your choice and visit the city that suits you best 😀


No ferry this time, but the plane: and it’s cheap (even cheaper than the ferry!). And you can go to Athens, or Thessaloniki, the flights are direct and affordable, and whether it’s one or the other, it’s really the best. Thessaloniki is beautiful, an old city by the sea, Athens is of course a must.

So, during your internship in Malta, go, travel and visit … it’s still very nice! contact us!