I’m doing an internship in Romania, where do I travel during my internship abroad? Already in the country you have plenty to do: between the Black Sea, the capital, the Carpathians etc. But if you want to discover other countries: no worries! You can reach Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia, Hungary or Ukraine for a very cheap price.

A trip to Bulgaria from Romania!

Bulgaria: easy. (Yes, I’m a poet!) For 10 euros return you can go wherever you want in Bulgaria: Plovdiv, Varna or Sofia, for the 3 cities I can advise you. Sofia is still the capital, and besides the monuments, it’s nice to visit. Plovdiv is certainly the most beautiful city in Bulgaria! And Varna is to be done: the biggest seaside resort in the East, on the Black Sea!

A trip to Georgia from Romania

Georgia: by boat or plane. It will be the most expensive way (50 to 100€ round trip) but on the spot: we were, at 5, and by forcing severely on the expenses, we just hit the 500€, in total. at 5. So 100€ per head for 10 days, excluding accommodation. Georgia is sublime: Tbilisi, Kobuleti, Batumi, Kutaisi! Or the mountains and endless hiking: you can have a lot of fun travelling around the country which has an incredible variety of activities and is clearly underrated by travel agencies! By the way, come and discover our experience in Georgia!

A trip to Serbia from Romania

Serbia: by bus, 10€. Cheap to go there, cheap on the spot. Serbia is an incredible story to discover, in addition to the Balkan region. Serbs are very welcoming, the country is really beautiful. The cities are not particularly extraordinary although there are some pearls, but the natural landscapes are impressive. Serbia is still unknown to the general public, unlike Albania for example, but for all that: it is a must on your list during your internship in Romania.

A trip to Hungary from Romania

Hungary: 20€ return ticket! Not expensive either, on the other hand it will be the most expensive of the five countries we recommend: it’s all relative, it’s still much more affordable than France. Hungary is a bit of a drawback: if you are colourful, or from the LGBTI community, we strongly advise you not to go there, since Victor Orban is in power, it’s not crazy.

A trip to Ukraine from Romania

Ukraine: I have never been. Unfortunately, because the country attracts me a lot! And nobody of the team has yet set foot there: but without risk and for all that you can go and walk on the cobblestones of Kiev, and treat yourself: the restaurants and bars are really *really* cheap!

In short: if you want to enjoy the vibe with someone other than your boyfriend (#Diams#CultureRap€AssiedToiFautQueJeJeTeParle) go for an internship abroad in Romania, and take advantage of it to visit the neighbours: it’s cheap, and it’s the kiff!