Do his BTS SAM internship in Portugal! Another destination that smells good the idleness and the soft training abroad for not too expensive. But in fact, what are the good reasons to do a manager assistant internship in Portugal? 

Reason number 1: A cheap internship abroad in Europe. 

And yes! Choosing Portugal for your internship abroad is also a choice that will please your banker. And believe me, you’d better get along with him 🙂 The cost of living in Portugal is really nice, you get by for not too much at each trip, a real pleasure!

Reason number 2: Portugal, land of opportunities. 

Let’s be serious, let’s be factual: The service sector represents nearly 70% of the country’s GDP. It is therefore a real opportunity for your manager assistant training. Many companies are ready to welcome you for your M.A. internship in Portugal.

Reason number 3: The people 

The citizens of Portugal are extremely benevolent, one feels good, it’s nice to wander the streets of Faro, Porto or even Lisbon at any time of the day or night. The country is very safe. The country is very peaceful and the slow life is mandatory! 

Reason number 4: Tourism 

That’s also what an internship abroad is all about! Take advantage of being in another country to discover its culture, its history… There are many things to discover in this country full of history! If you want to see an overview, check our article Top 10 anecdotes about Portugal

And here is the young adventurer of the internship abroad eager to learn! If you want to do an internship in Portugal, have some tips about life there, don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂