Living in Seoul, how is it? Hi everyone we meet for a small family blog on South Korea! Are you curious about how life is going in Seoul? I will share my knowledge based on my experience. Kaja!

The cost of living in Seoul

Comparing the cost of living in Seoul with the cost of living in Paris would be quite difficult. In reality, it depends a lot on products and services. The price of a subway trip to Seoul costs only 1 €, against 1 € 90 in Paris. Same for a big mac menu, it’s about 4 € 50 in Korea, against 8 € in France. We say at first sight that life is not at all expensive! While it is relatively cheaper than in France, but products such as cheese, fruit, milk, toothpaste, membership in the gym or even water and many more are more expensive than ‘in France. I was particularly shocked to see how cheap the taxi was, especially in a capital city like Seoul.

Life in Seoul is so convenient!

Indeed, if there is anything that I miss about South Korea, it is the convenience store open 24/7 (7 eleven, CU, GS25, ..). We find them in every corner! Same for public transport, we go to a convenience store to pay a T-Money card. It is a card that is charged and used to pay for transportation. They are fast, clean and not at all expensive! Not to mention the internet connection, South Korea is considered the country with the best internet connection in the world. Wifi points all over the street with a fast connection, it’s great not?

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