Would you like to go to Finland for your internship abroad? We offer you various typical customs of the Nordic country of happiness.


Slot machines
The Finns are great slot machine players, there are slot machines everywhere (in the supermarket, in the tobacco shop…).

The safest place in the world
In Finland, crime and theft are very rare so your wallet can rest easy, pickpockets are very rare there.

A healthy country
The tap water is so pure that it is difficult to find bottled water in supermarkets. When you are there, you can enjoy natural water just from your tap. Moreover, the small Lappish town of Kilpisjärvi (in northern Finland) is the cleanest place in Europe to breathe air, so a breath of fresh air awaits you!

A special land
Finland’s land is very flat, filled with swampy lakes and snowy forests, and 80% of it is covered by taiga (the Finnish forest). If you like to relax in nature, Finland is the place for you.

The Northern Lights
How can I tell you about Finland without mentioning the magnificent Northern Lights? Finland is the benchmark country for light phenomena, with a total of 200 aurora borealis per year (mostly) in winter on average. The colourful reflections of the aurora are reflected in the icy lakes, creating a spellbinding spectacle.

Here, the sauna is a religion, and for every 5.5 million inhabitants there are almost 3 million private and public saunas throughout the country. Even though Finns can be characterised as introverts in everyday life, they will not shy away from taking off their clothes for their favourite activity: the sauna.

The music
You may not be a big fan of metal music, but I implore you, heavy metal bands will make your heart beat fast and your head move in all directions. Finnish heavy metal bands are the most mythical (Apocalyptica, HIM, Nightwish, Amorphis… ), it is truly the popular music of Finland.

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