Hello! Do you know the local customs in Indonesia? No? Well then, let’s go ! The local Indonesian customs you need to know before doing your internship in Asia is here 🙂 

No shoes inside

In Indonesia if you get invited to a house during your international internship, remember to take off your shoes and leave them outside before entering a house!

Don’t forget your belt!

Often, before entering a traditional temple in Indonesia, you will be asked to pass a belt called “sash”. Put on a sarong as well, bare legs are not tolerated in the temple.

Curious people

People in Indonesia are very curious! During your internship abroad, during sightseeing tours in the city for example, don’t be surprised if many Indonesians say hello and ask you a lot of questions. It is a sign of sympathy for them.

Forget about your left hand !

The left hand in Indonesia is considered impure, so don’t reach, eat or give anything with your left hand.

The Wayang

The Wayang is a puppet show very popular in Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to see one during your workshop in Indonesia! A little extra: Wayang was elected Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2003.


Islam is in the majority in Indonesia, and coexists very well with the other religious minorities in the country. Indonesia’s national motto, Bhinneka tunggal ika, “unity in diversity”, is a good illustration of this.




It is important to keep a smile on your face when negotiating during your internship in Indonesia. Indonesians don’t like conflict.


They don’t do “la bise” in Indonesia, They shake hands. Remind you about that during your internship in Asia. 


Rice in Indonesia is considered a gift from God. It is the basis of the Indonesian diet. Send us your best pictures of rice paddies when you’re doing your internship in Indonesia.

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