Local customs in Latvia: Are you organizing a little road trip, or maybe you plan on going to Latvia very very soon? It is better to know some local customs in Latvia history not to fall too much of the clouds and avoid getting a big slap if you came to not respect them (unintentionally it goes without saying)

Leave tips

This is the case in most countries of the world. In Latvia, tipping is highly appreciated especially if you are satisfied with the quality of the service (otherwise you have the right to leave a Google review a star to express your frustration). Ditto for your driver if you have one for several days, up to 5-6 euros per day.

Latvian language

The Latvian is unfortunately disappearing. Only half of the Latvian population speaks Latvian as their mother tongue. If you are in the East or in the West, Latvian will be different from the one speaking in the Center. It is one of the last 2 languages belonging to the Eastern Baltic group of the Indo-European family.

Latvian Christmas

If you do your internship in Latvia in winter, when the winter solstice has just passed, December 21, and the days begin to get a little longer, and well the Latvians celebrate the return of the sun! In the past, locals wandered the streets, their faces hidden behind a mask of bears, horses, wolves, goats, dwarfs or giants to scare away evil spirits. Today, the trend is rather inclined to decorate the Christmas tree with a hundred candles, without forgetting to prepare delicious ginger cookies.

Amber: ” the gold of the Baltic ”

The Latvians are so fond of and attached to this material that they have given the name to their national choir, to some cheeses … The work of amber is part of the history of Latvia for generations and years. generations. It is worked representing animal shapes, inspired by prehistoric amulets. Modern designers are inspired by their costumes or ornaments!


I have the impression to return often on this aspect there but the beer remains the universal drink par excellence. There was a beer festival between 23 and 28 May 2018 on the city of Riga. Beer, brown or blonde, is the national drink! During your internship in Latvia, you will be able to taste Lačpesis, Bruža Nefiltretais, Brengulu Gaišais dark. Aldaris remains the most popular beer in the country!

Last point on Latvian gastronomy!

Latvian cuisine is quite simple. It is inspired by Germanic traditions and Russian-speaking influences. It includes a lot of dairy products, fish, eggs, potatoes and cereals. All small fish such as herring, sardines, eels … will often be found in your dishes. When the summer and autumn seasons come, Latvians cook berry pies of all kinds. It is really good !

End of the few customs, or Latvian traditions! But you have plenty more to discover if you’re going to do your internship in Latvia. So, if you want to go to do your internship in Europe, contact us!