Maud, intern at HI – her 5 favourite destinations for an internship abroad! I’ve prepared a little family blog to introduce you to my 5 favourite destinations where I would dream of doing my internship abroad!

Internship in Mexico
Wow too good, Mexicans speak Spanish too. So, if you want to improve your Spanish too — > Vamos! You can take this opportunity to learn about the Mayan civilization. And guess what? In Mexico, the seabed is one of the richest in the world where you can find endangered species like the blue whale. FYI! We find the city of Cancún, which is known for its Spring Break, its turquoise waters, its crazy nights.

Internship in South Africa
Big kiff on South Africa, I loved the funky side of that country. Its climate is at the top level, much better than in my wildest dreams. Its beautiful landscapes, reveal the great variety of cultures and wildlife… Plus, you’ll find golden beaches and surf spots. Spectacular landscapes from the mountains to the desert. As with the Blyde River Canyon, 3rd largest canyon in the world, it’s just phew!

Internship in Ireland
Between us … we’re not going to lie to each other, you’re not going to go there to gild the pill because you’ll probably know the joy of the heavy rains. The cool thing about this destination is that it’s an English-speaking destination. FYI, there’s a pub on every corner. A word of advice, let yourself be guided by the purity of the landscape. You’ll enjoy strolling through the friendly streets, bewitched by the human warmth, you’ll really feel at home.

Internship in Mauritius
You know what? On the island, the color par excellence is green. I reassure you, you too will have the chance to contemplate, its magnificent seaside resorts surrounded by its turquoise lagoons, which you will be able to walk around at will. You will also have the possibility to swim with dolphins. Go for it Alphonse, and you’ll also see the temperature is also there: no more half hours to get back into the fleet in Brittany! Myself, I loved watching the sunset every evening, which was unique. Wow the little anecdote, the guys organised the biggest shower in the world with artificial rain.

Internship in Canada
We all dream of one day setting foot in North America! That’s why you owe it to yourself to go discover its climate and amazing places like: nights with the caribou, eating in the dark, drinking unusual cocktails or riding a flying bike, right? You will discover its people, its living and unique culture, but also its dreamlike landscapes with the world famous Niagara Falls and believe me, there is enough to make some people jealous!

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