The culinary specialities of Mauritius! Let’s go! Believe me, you’re going to enjoy yourself during your Mauritian internship. The Mauritian Sandwich : We are not going to lie to ourselves, the dwich’ is a nice thing when you are a student, that you want to eat quickly to optimise your day between your internship abroad and the discovery of the country. The Mauritian sandwich is eaten in a round loaf of bread with a rather varied garnish: chicken, vegetables, tuna, salad etc…

Dholl Puri :

The typical dish!  It is a supple pancake that resembles a crepe scented with multiple spices (cumin, turmeric). It is eaten hot! Enjoy your meal.

Boiled pistachios : 

Pistachios in Mauritius are eaten boiled! Cooked in salt water. And frankly it is to be tested 

Arouille cake : 

It is a doughnut made from the root of the grated pumpkin vegetable. It is excellent and available everywhere (market, shops…). We let ourselves be tempted. 

The well of love : A sweet Mauritian pastry! Composed of a shortbread pastry, a very smooth cream and grated coconut. Don’t eat too much of it as it can quickly become disgusting if you overindulge.

The fried mine : Typical Mauritian dish! These are Asian noodles with slices of omelettes, cabbage, meat or shrimps.

You now know a little more about the culinary specialities in Mauritius, if you wish to go abroad for an internship, do not hesitate to contact us.