Non je ne connais pas l’Afrique et gris est ma couleur de peau !

If you didn’t recognize the words of Mama Sam from – M – already, know this little bird that our editor-reader relationship is going very badly. But, magnanimous, I give you a chance to find out by clicking. And so, grey, you don’t know Africa? Don’t worry, International is here to guide you for your internship in Africa: South Africa, Mali, Senegal, Zambia, here we go.

Africa is war all the time.
Yes, and in Paris it’s bombings every day. Even though Trump is pro European Union and my grandmother speaks super good French. No, she doesn’t. Even for my grandma ! #JeSuisRitalEtJeLeReste. Anyway, this good cliché having been moved to the baby blog.

An internship in South Africa
If you start Africa with South Africa, that’s where you take the least risk: society there is still strongly influenced by the English, it’s THE country that is closest to our Western European culture. But that won’t stop you from taking your intercultural slap in the face, learning English and discovering incredible landscapes. Already when you move from France to Germany, it’s different: so picture the south, the south, Africa.

An internship in Mali
Not only will you finally be able to take part in a Sunday in Bamako and see that Amdaou and Mariam haven’t told us the whole truth, but on top of that you will discover a country that still has very important links with France. Mali isn’t rich, but it’s full of resources, and the people there have a reputation for being very festive, welcoming and cheerful. Doing an internship in Mali means discovering Africa as it is described to us by – M – (him again!)

An internship in Senegal
It is certainly the African country, along with Morocco, that the French know the most. In spite of the financial difficulties, the country offers a multitude of opportunities: investments are strong, companies are numerous and people are better and better trained. To start with Senegal to approach the internship in Africa is to start quietly.

An internship in Zambia
One of the two English-speaking countries in Africa, which we are proposing. Zambia is still very wild, with a major part of savannah: and therefore a very diverse fauna and flora. If you want to discover the Africa of the Lion King and make it the Story of your life: go for your internship in Zambia Rafiki.

That’s it for me! For more information, to do an internship in Africa, easy feezy, contact us!