There are certainly some English words or expressions that escape you and that you do not necessarily understand, especially in the field of Business. Don’t panic! International Horizons is here to help you! With this little English course manual, you will become fluent in all English terms.

Business Development (or Buiz Dev)
This is the mission managed by a Business Developer. A position much sought-after by Start Up companies, his or her job consists of commercially developing a company. Through different actions and commercial strategies, he prospects, negotiates, signs new contracts and aims to build loyalty. It is thus the central element of a company, and allows it to grow.

Start Up
It is a term that refers to a new company that launches its own business, that is present digitally (on the Internet or via an Application), and that aspires to exponential growth.

Marketing is a very broad field. The primary utility for a company is to influence the target audience in its favour. This allows it to stand out from its competitors by creating value in the eyes of the public. Strategic marketing includes the reflection phase (market analysis, competition, consumer analysis, targeting, segmentation…). Then, it is the turn of Operational marketing to come into play. It is then a question of implementing the action plan established, and in particular of creating notoriety for the company, winning over customers and building customer loyalty. This can be achieved in part through digital and direct marketing.

DMC Tourism
From its real name Destination Management Company, it is a travel agency that can be characterized as a reseller. It creates and organizes trips or tours, individual or collective, which it will then sell to Tour Operators.

Front Desk Office
This is the English term for the reception of a hotel. The work of a receptionist consists of welcoming guests, guiding them during their stay, coordinating the teams, managing the reservation schedule, etc.

Catering Industry
This expression refers to the hotel business. This includes hotels, youth hostels, guesthouses and camping sites.

Food & Beverage
Belonging to the hotel sector, F&B includes all activities related to catering (hotel restaurants, bar, room service, banquets, etc.).

Community Management
This term refers to a company’s management of social networks. The goal is to maximize its reputation, promote its products, and create a real relationship with its customers or prospects.

Data Analyst
The Data Analyst is a computer pro. He creates and manages a company’s databases. He must also model the information provided by these databases in the form of statistics. He then has a key role in the development of a company.

Supply Chain
An English term for logistics. This area includes the entire supply chain of a company. Its role is to manage the supply of raw materials, internal logistics, external logistics, logistics to distributors or customers, or return logistics.

You are now familiar with the meaning of the English terms used in the business, so you are perfectly ready to go on an internship abroad!

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