One more testimonial, this time from Hungary, Budapest, from Guillaume who went abroad for an internship with Team International Horizons! Testimony from Guillaume, since his internship in Hungary!

“Here is my little note to thank you for the internship you found me in Business Development in Budapest.

First of all I would like to thank International Horizons for its efficiency, its availability and the quality of its service.

They found me an internship in Business Development in a shared car rental start-up in Budapest (Hungary). I had a very enriching human and professional experience in the Hungarian capital.

I wanted to do an internship that would allow me to develop my skills in many different fields as part of my Master 1 in Business and Management option Entrepreneurship. Welcomed and perfectly integrated by a young, very dynamic and bilingual English team, I worked on missions in business development, marketing (strategic and operational), communication but also in finance and operational management.

In this internship I particularly liked the working atmosphere within this motivating team, listening to my questions and always eager to help me progress in each field. I liked the confidence the two CEOs placed in me by entrusting me with very varied and responsible missions. I was able to broaden my field of expertise while deepening my key skills.

The internships I had found before calling on International Horizons did not fully correspond to what I was looking for or were ultimately unsuccessful. International Horizon’s advisors listened to my needs, gave me advice on where I should go for my internship and selected for me the internship that best suited me.

The experience I had and gained was well worth it!
I highly recommend you to use International Horizons to find your internship. ”

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