he best Bulgarian recipes another cultural side to help you choose your internship abroad! Bulgaria is the Black Sea, it’s the East, it’s a new alphabet, it’s generosity. But not only ! Ready to go on a culinary trip? 3, 2, 1, to your plates!

On the menu today we have:


The Bob Chorba: This is a national dish, this bean soup is prepared with dried beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots and spearmint. It is one of the most popular recipes in Bulgaria due to the production of their beans and its nutritional benefits.


Kavarma: But what is it? This chicken casserole with vegetables is a dish from Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria). This preparation consists of vegetables and meats (chicken, pork or beef) is seasoned and cooked. In addition, this dish is also a traditional Bulgarian dish that locals particularly appreciate.

Accompaniments with?

Bulgarian rolls: To brighten the meal with a dish, nothing beats Bulgarian bread! Although the shaping is quite long, the result is better. Cheese may be added on bread for flavor and there is also a sweet version!

The Tarator: It is impossible to go to Bulgaria without tasting the Tarator! This soup is one of the most traditional dishes in Bulgaria. This dish consists of yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, walnuts, dill, oil and water. Bulgarian yogurt is known worldwide and is part of the daily menu of the inhabitants.

And to finish these best recipes of Bulgaria, THE dessert!

The Bulgarian brioche: Nothing simpler than making this brioche, the only difficulty lies in the shape you give to it! Indeed this brioche “fofolle” or “overflowing” holds its name, pasta ends chains in all directions. It’s up to you to designate it as you can!

Bulgarian cuisine tempting you? His landscapes, his people, his culture? Contact us as soon as possible, International Horizon sends you to an internship in Bulgaria, in the field of your choice!