Fez, its medina, its medieval architecture and its lively souks have earned it the title of cultural capital of Morocco.

The medina of Fez :

The medina of Fez took shape under the Merinid dynasty ten centuries ago. Its elements such as fountains, palaces and mosques are from the period, mixing Andalusian, Oriental and African know-how. This part of Fez is the medieval face of the city, it is an exceptional heritage.

Fez-El-Bali :

Being the oldest district of Fez, it is part of the Medina. Here you will find the most beautiful buildings in Morocco, including the Andalusian Mosque and the Quaraouiyne Mosque. It is particularly here that you will find the most beautiful medieval structures. Moreover, this district is inaccessible by car and motorbike, so it is perfect if you want to walk around quietly.

Jnan Sbil Garden:

This botanical park is the perfect place if you want to take a leisurely stroll. It is easily accessible on foot, you can get there a little away from the medina. The scent of orange trees and flowers perfume the air of the park and its lake adds a touch of freshness.

Royal Palace of Fez :

This is one of the largest palaces in Morocco. The palace of Fez was built in the 14th century, and its imposing size forced the architects to build it outside the original medina. Therefore the new medina took shape around the palace on royal request. But like most palaces and mosques, it is not open to tourists. You can then contemplate it from the outside and visit the Fez el-Jdid medina which is mentioned below.

Medina Fez el-Jdid :

You already know that if you have read the presentation of the Royal Palace of Fez above, this medina is more recent than the first Fez el-Bali. And the recent date of construction is not the only difference, since the new medina has a different style. In terms of activities, you can walk along the street of the Mellah and touch the beautiful infrastructures, unique in the city because they have balconies. And finally you can end your visit by going to the covered market.

Nejjarîn Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts :

The whole world has heard of Morocco’s talent for woodwork. This woodwork museum is housed in a refurbished 18th century caravanserai. To enter you will pass through an impressive door and its facade. In the museum’s collection you will find the three categories of woodwork that Morocco is famous for: interior wood, architectural wood and liturgical wood. Not to mention the collection of wooden tools, carpentry and cabinet making. Once you have finished your visit, you can enjoy a cup of tea on the rooftop terrace where you will have a breathtaking view of Fez.

Medersa Bou Inania :

A Medersa is a Muslim religious establishment. The one in Fez dates from the Middle Ages and is open to non-Muslims. Moreover, you can put yourself in the shoes of a 14th century student and relive his daily life thanks to a guide. Apart from the historical contribution, the infrastructure is pleasant with its marble courtyard where you can sunbathe around the carved wood.

Chouara Tannery:

Many terracotta vases filled with liquid, you may have seen it on many pictures of Fez. This tannery deals primarily with the skin of cattle to transform them into leather. The practice is 100% artisanal and nothing has changed since the Middle Ages, justifying the large number of men working on the site. Fascinating to visit.

Bab Bou Jeloud :

The big blue door serving as an entrance to the medina, impossible for you to miss. Thus for this ease of identification, it serves as a landmark in the city of Fez. By passing through it you can admire the blue-green mosaics and ceramics both during the day and at night.

Ain Chkef forest:

And to conclude, here is the refreshing corner of Fez. This little corner of the forest becomes a paradise during the high temperatures. So take advantage of the 40 hectares of coolness around the city, and find a shady spot under the eucalyptus trees. A small stream runs through the forest, where small ducks swim. 30km separates the natural area from the city of Fez, so you can take the afternoon to get there.

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