Hello you! If you’ve come to this splendid family blog article “tip 1: optimize your resume for your internship abroad” it’s certainly to learn the recipe for fig cake. However, as this recipe is a family secret, we’re going to give you 5 tips on how to make a mess of your CV.

Specify your search
Yes, young friend. You’re not the only one looking for an internship abroad. And, when you contact a company – that goes for France too! – it receives hundreds of applications a year, for a wide variety of positions. Therefore, it is imperative that you include elements of your research on your CV, namely: the position of the internship abroad you are looking for, the dates or period of your internship, and also your language level.

Be honest with your language level
Hey hey, if you say you’re bilingual when you’re not, you’ll be checked on two counts. One, you’ll look smart not to understand anything, you won’t have a good time during the internship interview. Second, you’ll be called a liar, and that’s a shame. You will automatically be rejected. So, you might as well be honest, because that’s the basis of a relationship, even a professional one, and then it saves you from wasting time, and wasting time.

Put a picture
Outside the USA, Canada and the UK, we strongly recommend that you put a photo on your CV. Why should I do this? Because during the interview, the recruiter is bound to see you anyway, so you might as well put your cards on the table right from the start. The anti-racism argument is vain and hypocritical. If you are not of the colour that satisfies the recruiter, this will always be the case during your internship. And, no matter how racist the person is, they will still be racist the day you meet them, so you might as well save yourself the trouble.

Highlight your skills
Not just your experiments! I’m glad to know that you were assistant manager at Sushi Shop, but what skills does that match? What were your assignments? What did you do? That’s what I want to know!

The resume should look like you.
It’s important. If you’re fun and extroverted, please don’t make a traditional resume: let your personality translate into your resume. Nowadays, many companies no longer focus solely on the skills of the young person, but also on their personality. So you might as well put all the chances on your side by revealing your character traits through your CV. And, for those who want to do an internship abroad in communications, a basic CV will necessarily be refused: the CV is your first test!

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