If you are here, it is because Slovenia attracts you; in this article I will tell you more about this country and inch’ you will choose it for your internship.

But what to bring to Slovenia? 

Slovenia is a country known for its steep mountains, so don’t forget your hiking boots, they’ll really come in handy 😉 don’t worry about the currency, it’s the euro (which makes things so much easier).

Cities you MUST visit during your mobility in Slovenia

First of all in the capital Ljubljana, you will fall under the charm of the old town and its baroque architecture and get lost in the alleys and cafés. Maribor, symbolised by its castle and endless vineyards, is the place to be for a lively evening. Ptuj is a smaller city compared to Maribor and Ljubljana, but its charming medieval architecture makes you forget its size. The Gothic art and frescoes within the city of Ptuj will take you away to the Church of the Virgin Mary. Slovenia also has beautiful waterfalls such as the Savica waterfall with its crystal clear water in the Triglav National Park.

Specialities you should try in Slovenia.

In Slovenia, it is common for tourists to join tables in farms and inns to taste typical dishes. Halupka is one of the most popular dishes, consisting mainly of stuffed cabbage. Wine is also a speciality in Slovenia, it is on the menu in almost every restaurant and goes very well with meat such as pork and mutton.

Us in Slovenia

If you are invited to a local’s house, remember to take off your shoes before entering the house. Keeping your shoes on is frowned upon and this little tip may prevent some discomfort ahahah.

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