Top 10 anecdotes about Hungary: Hungary was still quite unknown a few years ago! Budapest, the capital, is starting to become known to students as THE European party destination. At the heart of Europe, it has always been the centre of an important cultural mix.

Top 10 anecdotes about Hungary
1) The Rubik’s Cube was originally invented by a Hungarian architect-sculptor Ernö Rubik. At the beginning it was absolutely not a puzzle, it was intended for his students! They had to find the mechanism that made it work, and the faces were all the same color.

2) Frigyes Karinthy is the inventor of the concept of the six degrees of separation. This theory says that in fact, one can be connected to any person in the world by following a chain of knowledge no more than 5 intermediaries. Thanks to Facebook, the number has dropped to 4.74.

3) The Holocaust wreaked havoc in Budapest. More than 10,000 Jews were massacred. A memorial was created on the banks of the Danube, with several dozen lead shoes. The Nazis were ordered to use only one bullet for father and son, budget obliges…

4) The biggest festival in Europe (bigger than Tomorrowland yes ;)) is in Hungary, in Sziget.

5) Hungary got rid of its honorary citizen Joseph Stalin. The dictator had indeed been appointed honorary citizen on November 7, 1947 as “liberator of Budapest”, i.e. general-in-chief of the Red Army.

Five more anecdotes!
6) Budapest has the first continental metro in Europe. Don’t forget to visit some historical stations! Line 3 still has a few carriages that date back to the Soviet era.

7) Hungary had a peculiar political situation from 1920 to 1944. It was led by an admiral, as there was no longer any royal family to run the country. Except that since 1920 and the Treaty of Trianon, the country had no access to the sea and therefore no naval fleet.

8) When you’re banging a ping pong machine and you start holding your racket “à la chinoise”, remember that the first person to use this technique was not Asian. But Hungarian, by the famous Anna Sipos…

9) If you’re in Budapest and you can speak English, that’s cool for you! In the centre, everyone speaks English: in restaurants, bars, clubs, supermarkets … However, as soon as you move away, the level decreases. So I advise you to learn some basic Hungarian words to be able to discuss a little bit !

10) The most famous bars in Budapest are old buildings that were falling in ruins. In order to revitalize the district, some bars have invested the buildings, renovating only what is necessary, which gives a creepy atmosphere but very appreciated by the lunches 🙂

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